Personal Training in Overland Park



Ordering a pizza to your door is easy. Booking a trainer can be a hassle. Pricing is shocking and carving out time to drive to the gym is draining. We get it! That’s why we deliver convenient personal training in Overland Park when and where you want it starting at just $39/session. Plus, you can bring a friend for free!

From Light Stretching
to Intense Circuits.

Whether it’s visiting you for a sweat-free stretch break at work or delivering an intense circuit training experience in your living room, Front Door Fitness is here to provide personal training in Overland Park with our team of fun, educated personal trainers who will help you lose inches and get stronger.


Why On-Demand Fitness?

From streaming your favorite shows to ordering food, on-demand services are becoming an essential piece of the Kansas City lifestyle. Front Door Fitness decided it was time to take personal training in Overland Park to the 21st century.

With a quick phone call, we’ll have a fun, educated personal trainer on the way to your work, home, or meet you at our exclusive studio with all the equipment you need to make your workout time really count. Oh, and friends train free!


The Details

Our on-demand personal trainers in Overland Park are down to earth and ready to deliver a fun and effective workout to help you lose inches, get stronger and maximize your workout time.

$39 training sessions.

Personal training doesn’t have to break the bank. Sessions start at just $39. Bust out of a slump with a one-time workout or crush your goals with ongoing training and enjoy a sweet discount.

Your schedule, your terms.

When life throws you a curveball, don’t fight your way into a crowded gym. Instead, just contact us when you have 30 minutes or an hour and we’ll deliver one-time or ongoing personal training in Overland Park.

Delivered to you.

Armed with a bag of evolving equipment, music, and more; they’ll meet you at your home, office, Front Door Fitness’ studio, or favorite park to make sure you never have another boring workout.

Fun, engaging workouts.

Workouts can easily become repetitive and boring, so our fun and experienced trainers are constantly building creative, custom workouts ranging from light stretching to intense circuits.

Equipment provided.

Our personal trainers in Overland Park carry backpacks to each of their workout sessions to help our clients and provide an extra convenience. You’ll be asking, “what’s in the bag?”

Bring a friend.

Oh, and did we mention friends train free? Enjoy your workout solo or bring a friend – your call.

“What’s in the Bag?”

A question we get frequently. Our personal trainers in Overland Park carry backpacks to each of their workout sessions to help our clients get a fun and challenging workout with lots of variety.

Things You’ll Find in a Front Door Fitness Trainer Bag.

The latest tech.
(No more buying the newest shiny things on the market.)

Up-to-date equipment.
(Let us do the investing.)

(You dictate the playlist. We bring the speaker.)

Things You Won’t Find

A single, crushed up granola bar.

A sales packet or contract.

Aunt Carol’s thigh-master from 1992.

*Actual contents may vary.

Our History.

Founded with only a single trainer in 2004, Front Door Fitness has served Kansas City for over a decade. While our team has grown, our mission remains the same: to bring others new life through personal training. We now deliver more than 15,000 workouts to Kansas City area residents every year.

We want to be KC’s most loved personal training company by our clients and team. Now, we’re taking on a new mission: to remove all the remaining hassles from personal training. We deliver fun and humble trainers, educated in a variety of workout styles as well as nutrition coaching; don’t require minimum purchase packages from our clients; and offer pricing that doesn’t cause sticker-shock. Oh, and friends train free!

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