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In-Home Personal Trainer in Overland Park

At Home.

Life is busy. Driving to personal training sessions adds up. Your in-home personal trainer knocks on your door ready to deliver a fun and engaging 30 or 60 minute workout.

At Work.

We’ll send a personal trainer to your workplace for a quick, sweat-free stretch break to help your body feel refreshed and your mind get refocused.

FDF Studio.

Train in a gym setting, but without the hassle of gym rules, waiting for equipment, or working out with an audience. Our studio is reserved exclusively for FDF personal training clients.

Everywhere in Between.

Invite a friend or fly solo. Schedule your trainer to meet you at your club or favorite park. At Front Door Fitness, removing the hassles of personal training is our specialty, because we know that's what you need. So get creative; we accommodate endless possibilities!


Let’s face it: personal training these
days can be a hassle.

The Problem

You want to get fit, but even hiring a personal trainer can be a hassle. Between buying expensive training packages, carving out time to get to the gym, and hoping you find a trainer you actually like, it’s all too easy to throw in the towel.

Our Solution

We removed the hassles. For as little as $39/session, you can have a personal trainer delivered to you. You decide when and where to work out. Choose your style and intensity, and our trainers will design a custom workout to make your time really count. Bust out of a slump with a one-time session or crush your goals with ongoing training.

Oh, and you can bring a friend for free!


Both are brought straight to your door. Only one is a lot better for you. Sessions start at just $39.

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Make Overland
Park Your Gym.

Enjoy your workout when you want it where you want it. Order a Personal Trainer now. No obligations later.

Tell us the details, including the date and time you prefer.


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Kick your goals into high gear with ongoing, in-home personal training. Although we offer one-time training, we believe consistency is what sheds inches and builds strength. Ongoing training may be your thing, and luckily for you, discounts come with it.


Training Programs


Armed with a bag of evolving equipment, music, and more, our trainers meet you at your home, office, or favorite park to make sure you never have another boring workout. You can also come train in our exclusive studio.

$39 training sessions.

Personal training doesn’t have to break the bank. Sessions start at just $39. Bust out of a slump with a one-time workout or crush your goals with ongoing training and enjoy a sweet discount.

Your schedule, your terms.

When life throws you a curveball, don’t fight your way into a crowded gym. Instead, just contact us when you have 30 minutes or an hour and we’ll deliver one-time or ongoing personal training in Overland Park.

Delivered to you.

Armed with a bag of evolving equipment, music, and more; they’ll meet you at your home, office, Front Door Fitness studio, or favorite park to make sure you never have another boring workout.

Fun, engaging workouts.

Workouts can easily become repetitive and boring, so our fun and experienced trainers are constantly building creative, custom workouts ranging from light stretching to intense circuits.

Equipment provided.

Our personal trainers in Overland Park carry backpacks to each of their workout sessions to help our clients and provide an extra convenience. You’ll be asking, “what’s in the bag?”

Bring a friend.

Oh, and did we mention friends train free? Enjoy your workout solo or bring a friend – your call.

$39 Personal Training Delivered to You

Pay as you go, or purchase a package of sessions and enjoy a sweet discount.


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30-minute session

Expert, Personal Trainer sent to you

Any type of workout

Friends train free




Bring a Friend for Free!

What could be better than on-demand personal trainers who work with you to achieve your goals? Working out with a friend! Bring a friend for free, and achieve your goals together. At Front Door Fitness, we work with you to make personal training fun, supportive, and hassle-free. Whether you want to train with a friend or fly solo, we’re there for you!


Book your workout now.


One-Time Workout

Personal training that works for you.


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Personalized Programs

Our certified personal trainers will create ongoing training programs to help you crush your goals.


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Front Door Fitness' Client Testimonials


Anne Werr

I have been training with Jason at FDF for 5+ years now. FDF does an excellent job of pairing you with a trainer that matches your style. Jason is very motivating and encouraging which helps keep me on track and keeps me committed to continuing to work out.

My trainer, Stephanie, guided me back to my personal fitness goal after an injury. She motivated, encouraged, demonstrated and pushed me far beyond what I would have done on my own. She taught me new ways to strengthen muscles to prevent further injury. She is in great physical condition and practices a healthy lifestyle herself and encourages her clients to do the same. She knew my limitations and pushed me to my limits. She is a kind, tenacious, task master!!!! We were very compatible and worked well together to reach my personal goals. I am so thankful to her.

Melissa Walline

My daughter Grace works at Cross First Bank where her personal trainer Emily works with her on site. Grace has gained strength, knowledge and confidence. Emily has given her goals and targeted work outs that Grace implements 2 more times a week in the gym independently. We HIGHLY recommend Emily and FDF.

Karis Koehn

My trainer is very flexible with my crazy travel schedule. FDF is very easy to work with and has great trainers!

Claude Jacobs

Chris is my trainer and he has been great! My friend trains with Sam and he is also awesome. I would recommend Front Door to anyone at any fitness level.