Walk Your Way to Better Health

With so many muscles in your legs, walking is an activity that can exercise each one of them. It strengthens your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and even glutes. Walking can improve your overall fitness, and like any cardio, it helps to keep your weight in check. But there are many other benefits to walking, and many of these improvements can be taken in with just 30 minutes of walking per day!

Below are some additional benefits to walking as exercise every day of the week.
It strengthens more than just your legs.
It actually works your arms and shoulder muscles, too! Any type of cardio is good for overall body conditioning. Unlike the more intense approaches, such as sprinting or marathons, walking can be much more relaxing and still beneficial to your health. Walking also helps reduce lower back pain. 
Walking is great for your mind and energy levels.
It can help to alleviate depression, as well as fatigue. When you’re feeling tired or stressed at work, consider taking a pause out of your day to walk around, inside or out. Return to your focus feeling more refreshed. Walking can even help increase your attention and decision making.
Wait, there’s more! 
Walking just 30 minutes a day can do so many great things for your overall health. A few extra facts include: limits chronic disease, improves blood pressure by 5 points, lowers colon cancer risk by 40%, and also decreases the risk of heart disease.

So, what are you waiting for? With the beautiful spring season, now is a great time to add daily walks to your routine. Enjoy the fresh air and get those legs moving!

Written by Courtney Keeshan – Yoga Instructor