Try Virtual Fitness Training in Kansas City

At Front Door Fitness, we make working out as easy as watching Netflix. Both are brought to you in the convenience and comfort of your living room. Sessions start at just $29. Kick your goals into high gear with online personal training programs. Here are a few of the benefits:

Fully Customized Workout Plan  

Every client is different and requires the best program that is unique to you and your schedule. We deliver fully customized workout programs that ensure the optimal success for each and every client, accelerating you toward your fitness goals.  

Personal Nutrition Plan  

With everyone’s different preferences and aversions to food, we offer a stable nutrition plan constructed to elevate your progress. The plan is custom, offering you the ability to select your own substitutes. This includes a grocery shopping list that takes away the biggest barrier to meal prepping! 

 Online Training Platform  

We help protect your consistency with easy access to your program. Whether you use desktop, tablet, or phone, we remove all the hassles so you will have quick access to the tools needed for success like: workout and nutrition plan, progress tracking, and contacting your trainer.  

Track your progress  

We are fitness traction experts, driven to guide success. Recording your workouts and personal data in the app allows us to interpret positive trends to prove your breakthroughs.  

Accountability and Support  

We are vision builders. Having the right reinforcements to create and sustain good healthy habits is essential to long term achievement. We understand change doesn’t happen overnight, so we look ahead to remove frustrating barriers, and talk through the unexpected. 

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