Top 3 Fitness Trends for 2019

Fitness has become more than just training. It’s about the quality of life, including healthy nutrition, and it should be sustainable. Front Door Fitness offers nutritional coaching and can help individuals meet their personal needs.

1. Sustainable Fitness
People want to feel better and more dynamic in their everyday life, so they head to the gym. Losing weight or becoming muscular are no longer the biggest driving factors. As a personal trainer, I have found my clients’ focus changing. They want to use their limited time to improve their mobility, musculature, and balance. The goal is to go through our lives without unnecessary physical pain or deterioration. The focus is no longer on achieving the maximum results. The trend now revolves around offering packages that are accessible on a flexible basis. Because Front Door Fitness will come to you, be it your home or office or elsewhere, a lasting change in behavior, specifically the integration of fitness into one’s everyday life, can be accomplished.

2. Corporate Fitness
Companies are recognizing personal health to be more than an individual matter. Therefore, many companies are partnering with Front Door Fitness because they know they stand to benefit from healthy employees. The range reaches from personal trainer offerings to stretch breaks, yoga, and boot camp classes. All subsidized by the company. In this way, it’s possible to enjoy a basic level of training before work, during your lunch break, or in the evening. The aim is to make it possible to train in the gym on one day, walk with colleagues or play golf the day and so on, with many different leisure activities integrated into the workday.

3. Group Training
Group training helps people stay encouraged, motivated, and supported. Smartphones, social media, and apps are all useful when it comes to staying motivated, as well as exchanging tips and tricks. They also can be used to enhance a group’s support network. Concepts that allow people to train as a group are becoming more popular, as it leaves the participants significantly more motivated than training alone. To some it’s just a social experience, whereas for others it’s about competing. The fitness industry has recognized this and is gradually developing into a team sport in many areas. Aerobics has existed for centuries, but in recent years Zumba and Piloxing courses have risen, too. Large groups such as running clubs and outdoor training unions are emerging in many cities. Front Door Fitness leads group classes across the metro. Spin fusion is very popular this time of year as bicyclists come in doors. This style of class also incorporates strength training, resulting in better muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular health.

Whatever your fitness level or need, let Front Door Fitness help you meet your goals in 2019!