Three Steps to Better Confidence 

Do you believe in yourself? If not, how do we overcome a lack of belief in ourselves? If we could only cultivate true self-belief then we could do amazing things. However, how do we cultivate belief in ourselves? Although there are many, here are three ways to build belief in yourself: 

Nurture Positive Thoughts 

Think positive and you will draw positivity back to you. There is actual science behind this. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and evolve depending on our circumstances. Your brain can associate thoughts with behaviors and turn them into habits. Believing in yourself and creating new thought patterns about who you are can drastically change your productivity and reduce fear of failure. Positive thinking leads to longer life, increases heart health, improves stress management, helps immunity, lowers cholesterol, and decreases risk of stroke! 

Use Progressive Accomplishments 

This little technique teaches us to value simply taking action, however small, and allowing it to inspire and ignite us. The path of progressive accomplishments is about starting small and moving up gradually. It could be making a phone call, cleaning something up, or exercising. Just be sure to pick something you’ve been putting off. 

The key point is to build up. If we’re doing one thing each day, then tomorrow let’s pick something a little harder than today. Soon enough, we’ll run out of things on this list. The point of the exercise is to realize that nothing can stand in our way. Nothing is too big, and we have self-belief in our abilities. Whatever it is, when we decide to do it, we need to do it immediately. The more time that goes by, the less likely we are to do that thing. 

Believe in Something Greater than Yourself 

For many, by knowing that we’re part of something larger, leads us to believe we are capable. Belief, or faith in something greater than ourselves, connects us to the feeling that we’re worthy. And the foundation of belief in ourselves comes from an understanding that we are worthy.  

Knowing this, we can be confident that within us is a great power. Through living presently in each moment of our lives, we can better realize this belief in ourselves. This idea takes time to cultivate. But when built, nothing can turn us away from our intentions. 

So, begin to practice these 3 techniques to grow a better confidence in yourself. Nurture positive thinking, recognize and be thankful for small accomplishments, and connect to your faith. Be kind to yourself along the way. 


Article by Emily Morris – Front Door Fitness Personal Trainer