The Benefits of Partner Yoga

Yoga is, first and foremost, a personal practice. It’s about being in the present moment,
breathing, feeling, and listening to the body. Yoga, though, can also be beneficial when
practiced with another person, such as a significant other, friend, or partner. Partner
yoga allows two people to relate to one another through the physical practice,
strengthening communication and trust.

Grow together by sharing a meaningful experience.

Just the act of trying out partner yoga can help one to feel more satisfied with their
relationship. Studies suggest couples who engage in challenging new activities together feel an increase in relationship quality. Learning new skills together allows couples to have fun while slowing down for quality time and sharing a meaningful experience.

Build trust by creating poses together.

In order to construct the poses in partner yoga, we must rely on our partner while
communicating verbally and nonverbally. This requires trust, support, and vulnerability.
Physical touch can be a love language for some. Our human touch has the capacity to
communicate to another person that they are seen, appreciated, cared for, loved,
accepted, valued, worthy, and safe. Partners must rely on each other to stay balanced
and strong in partner yoga poses.

Deepen your connection by supporting each other.

Both partners need to be fully engaged in the experience, and rely on each other for the
very creation of the poses, and to maintain balance, alignment, and focus. This is a great way to heighten the connection we have with our special someone as we learn to let go, enhance our communication, be open and have full faith in one another for their full support in each of the poses.

Try it Out: Back-to-back breathing

Sit in a comfortable position facing away from your partner, with backs resting against
each other and feet in a cross-legged position.

1. Sit up straight, shoulders straight and away from your ears, arms relaxed, and
begin to alternate breathing.

2. When your partner deeply inhales, you deeply exhale, and so on.

3. Repeat for 10 breaths, and repeat 3 times.

This breathing posture will help to increase mindfulness, relaxation, and connection with your partner. Namaste.

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Article written by Emily Morris – Front Door Fitness Yoga Instructor