Summer Yoga in Kansas City

Each year on June 21st we officially begin the season with the summer solstice. A time to spend with outdoor activities, grilling delicious meals, quality time with loved ones, and nature (aka pools)! 

This special date also marks the celebration of international yoga day. If you’ve thought about trying this practice or appreciate reminders as to why this exercise is important for your physical and mental health, here is a list of why everyone can and should practice yoga! 

Happier Emotions 

Practicing yoga increases serotonin, known as the happy hormone. Several studies have shown that 86.5% of people noticed an improvement in happiness after practicing yoga. 

Boosts Intelligence 

Another study found that yoga correlates with the gray matter volume in the brain’s left hemisphere, the side responsible for logic and language. 

Betters Relationships 

Yoga helps one be more satisfied with the body and even less critical. With a more positive acceptance of ourselves, we have a better understanding and acceptance of others leading to improved relationships.

Reduces Stress 

Practicing yoga decreases cortisol and increases GABA, the primary stress hormone and the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the body. 

Fosters Kindness 

Yoga helps promote emotional sensitivity and reduces acts of aggressiveness to others. 

Improves Joint Health 

Yoga can help strengthen the nerves of large ligaments like arms and legs to improve flexibility, pain relief, and overall health. 

There are so many types of yoga: vinyasa, restorative, and Bikram to name a few. Front Door Fitness has several yoga instructors. Roll out your mat and try a session this summer!