Summer Fitness Trends 2021

It’s fair to say Front Door Fitness, and the entire fitness industry, has transformed in the past 12 months. We looked for new ways to help our clients stay fit and healthy, even during a pandemic. We rediscovered new ways to stay passionate, and the hottest fitness trends are here as we head into the summer. 

Virtual Training

Fitness fanatics have turned to virtual training in order to give their training a focus. This is still true, even as clients are out and about more. Travel is increasing and virtual training is proving to be a perfect alternative. Our clients may be across the country, but they still dial in and get in their weekly sessions. It’s helping clients be more successful in reaching and maintaining goals. It’s a way to strive to be healthy, no matter where we are.

Check out a link to our Virtual Training Program.

New found love for walking

As we head into summer and the weather improves, our new found love of walking is likely to continue. Although it’s no replacement for a serious sweat session with your FDF trainer, keeping up a regular walking routine as part of our overall exercise routine will help to improve our cardiovascular fitness and is the perfect low impact activity for rest days.

Wearable tech

Speaking of an increase in more steps, we also like to keep track of our daily step count, calories burned, heart rate, and more. This last year saw a rise in popularity of wearable fitness tech. This is a positive trend, as research shows using a fitness tracker for just 12 weeks can help increase and maintain our overall physical activity for years to come. This Summer, consider trying new trackable exercises and enjoy the new challenges. 

Connection between mind and body

We have seen this past year highlight the importance of fitness for our mental wellbeing. Fitness has shifted beyond just aesthetics and our reasons for working out are drastically shifting toward the way it makes us feel. We want to improve our quality of life. Although already a hugely popular form of exercise, this has led to an increase in the number of us giving holistic fitness as try.  Yoga and Pilates hold benefits for both the body and mind. Private yoga instruction meets us at our own level and helps us to grow at our own pace. 

The key is to enjoy some of the more simple ways of being active. Front Door Fitness helps with accountability. Combining above trends with personal training sessions, it’s bound to lead to a healthier, happier Summer. 

Written by Emily Morris – Front Door Fitness Personal Trainer and Yoga Coach