Small Victories With Your Health

With the end of January fast approaching, we are also nearing the point at which most people give up on their New Year’s fitness goals. The biggest reason for this isn’t because we change our minds about what we want to accomplish. We often quit because our goals are still too far away despite all the effort and work that we have given to achieving them.

Goals are our personal “finish lines”.
Goals like wanting to lose 30 pounds or run a half marathon are fantastic goals. They are what I call “finish line” goals. To reach that mark, you must achieve a lot of awesome accomplishments that should be pursued and celebrated. You have to lose the first 5 pounds and master the discipline of consistently eating a healthy breakfast. Or you might complete one month of a targeted number of training sessions or conquer your first pull-up.

Small victories are the recipe to endurance.

Let those “small” victories motivate you on to the next 5 pounds, creating healthy lunch habits, or being consistent another month with getting your work outs in, etc. Master the habits that are necessary to accomplish those small victories, and they will lead you to the finish line.

Need help in your journey? A Front Door Fitness trainer can help you set goals and get closer to your own personal finish line.