Reasons to Take Time to Stretch

By Emily Morris, FDF Personal Trainer

There are some good reasons to take time to stretch. Pushing pause on our work day to enjoy a nice stretch is an ideal way to balance out the daily grind. Consider it self-love, which we do deserve, as spending our days strapped to our desks is exhausting on both our mind and body.

Stretching Increases Your Energy

Ironically enough, moving our body throughout the day will decrease feelings of fatigue, as it gets our blood moving to our skeletal muscles and brain and helps us feel more alert. Stretching also releases synovial fluid in our joints. It increases our range of motion while decreasing the amount of energy it takes to do so, leaving us with more energy for other tasks.

Stretching Improves Your Posture

Another reason to take time to stretch is that stretching improves your posture. When we sit or stand for long periods of time, gravity starts to pull us down. Poor postural habits can start to creep in as well. Taking a little time during the day to stretch can help realign and rebalance your posture. Good posture reduces strain on our spine, and reduces shoulder, back, and neck pain.

Stretching Relieves Stress

Stretching is great for stress relief. If you are experiencing stress, there’s a good chance your muscles are tense as they tend to tighten up in response to physical and emotional stress. Stretching should focus of the areas where you tend to hold your stress. Tension and stress headaches can also impact performance at work and stretching can help to combat those effects. It can also help calm your mind by providing a mental break and helping to become more mindful.

The reasons to take time to stretch are many. If stiffness or aching muscles have been inhibiting your work, consider asking your place of employment to schedule a Stretch Break with Front Door Fitness. This 20 minute, light stretching class provides an opportunity for a mental and physical reset during the day and you won’t break a sweat! Contact us to learn more about booking a Stretch Break demo.