Personal Training Delivered to You

Working fitness into your week can be a hassle

Fitness is a hassle. It is time consuming, difficult to remain consistent, and hard to know how to succeed. Lucky for you, Front Door Fitness is here to help.

Our solution

We removed the hassles for you. For as little as $39/session, you can have personal training delivered to you at your home, virtually through streaming, or at one of our neighborhood studios. We offer all kinds of training; yoga, stretch breaks, strength, circuit, HIIT, rehab, and beyond. We even offer youth training to help maintain a fit and active lifestyle for your kids or help them excel in their sport. We guarantee a trainer fit. We have a large team of expert trainers in every kind of fitness. We will match you with the one that’s best for you and your fitness goals. No minimum package purchases required. We customize everything to fit your needs.

Goal-crushing consistency

Kick your goals into high gear with ongoing, in-home personal training. Although we offer one-time training, we believe consistency in fitness is what elevates and protects every good thing in your life. Ongoing training may be your thing, and luckily for you, discounts come with it.

How it works

Armed with a bag of evolving equipment, music, and more, our trainers meet you at your home, office, or favorite park to make sure you never have another boring workout. You can also come train in our exclusive studio. We are located in Downtown Overland Park, Prairie Village, and South Overland Park.

Bring a friend

Oh, and did we mention friends train free? Enjoy your workout solo or bring a friend – your call.

Personal training doesn’t have to break the bank. Sessions start at just $39. Bust out of a slump with a one-time workout or crush your goals with ongoing training and enjoy a sweet discount. Sign up today! Go visit our website for more information, or contact Andrew Stimson at (913) 384-8908.