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One-Time Personal Training in Overland Park

Front Door Fitness provides one-time personal training in Overland Park. No schedules, no commitments, no missed opportunities. Just let us know the date and time of your workout, and we’ll deliver a personal trainer straight to your door.


$39 Personal Training

Pay as you go, or purchase a package of sessions and enjoy a sweet discount.


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30-minute session

Expert, personal trainerĀ 

Any type of workout

Friends train free (Up to 2 sessions)

The Nitty-Gritty

Our on-demand personal trainers in Overland Park are down to earth and ready to deliver a fun and effective workout to help you lose inches, get stronger, elevate and protect every good thing in your life and maximize your workout time.

$39 training sessions.

Personal training doesn’t have to break the bank. Sessions start at just $39. Bust out of a slump with a one-time workout or crush your goals with ongoing training and enjoy a sweet discount.

Your schedule, your terms.

When life throws you a curveball, don’t fight your way into a crowded gym. Instead, just contact us when you have 30 minutes or an hour and we’ll deliver one-time or ongoing personal training in Overland Park.

Delivered to you.

Armed with a bag of evolving equipment, music, and more; they’ll meet you at your home, office, Front Door Fitness studio, or favorite park to make sure you never have another boring workout.

Fun, engaging workouts.

Workouts can easily become repetitive and boring, so our fun and experienced trainers are constantly building creative, custom workouts ranging from light stretching to intense circuits.

Equipment provided.

Our personal trainers in Overland Park carry backpacks to each of their workout sessions to help our clients and provide an extra convenience. You’ll be asking, “what’s in the bag?”

Bring a friend.

Oh, and did we mention friends train free (up to 2 sessions)? Enjoy your workout solo or bring a friend – your call.

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