Making your New Year’s Resolution Stick

‘Tis the season to make a goal for 2021! New Year’s Resolutions aren’t hard to make, they’re hard to keep. In fact, the fail rate is around 90%…wowzer! If you’re planning on making a fitness, financial, or personal goal/resolution, be sure to start with a plan! Follow these 4 simple rules when making your New Year’s Resolution, and get ready to reach your goal!

Set a goal.

If you make a resolution, you are 10 times more likely to succeed the desired outcome. So write your resolution down in specific terms. Here are some examples:
I will lose 15 pounds by June 1st. I will quit smoking by using the patch by March 15th. I will put $100 into a savings account every month.

Be reasonable.

Is your goal possible? Is it something you WANT to do? These are important questions to ask yourself. If eating more fruits and veggies does not appeal to you on any level, do not make your resolution to eat more fruits and veggies. If you want to lose weight, remember that you can only safely lose 1-2 pounds per week. Don’t make your goal to lose 100 pounds by February 2010. Setting unattainable goals lead to another fail. Find something you can be passionate about and go for it.

Have a game plan.

Sure you have your ultimate end-game goal, but knowing HOW you’re going to get there is super important. This might mean hiring a Front Door Fitness personal trainer, joining a gym, signing up for a weight loss program, or buying nicotine patches. Do some research regarding your goal on the internet or library. Whatever you do, make sure you have the tools to achieve your goal.

Start NOW.

Start today. Whether it’s saving a specific amount of money every week or eating a certain number of fruits and veggies a day, start it now. Maybe not even full force, but use this week to ease into your goal.

Good luck and a Happy 2021!

Written by Erin Heide