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At-Home Workouts That Actually Work.

Stay Home and Get Fit.

Don’t feel safe going to a crowded gym right now?  That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness and workout goals. Front Door Fitness provides live, virtual personal training straight to your living room.

Your virtual personal trainer brings you a private training session. The workouts are catered to your goals, abilities, and interests. Feel good about getting in a heart-pumping, full body workout starting at just $34 per session!

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We make working out as easy as watching Netflix

Both are brought to you in the convenience and comfort of your living room. Sessions start at just $34.

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Goal-Crushing Consistency with Virtual Personal Training.

You know working out is important, and you want to look and feel strong. But sticking to a workout routine is hard, especially when gyms are closed. Accountability and expert guidance can make all the difference. Front Door Fitness offers live, virtual personal training.

Through a video calling app, your trainer will lead you through workouts designed specifically for YOU. You’ll look stronger, be stronger, and have the confidence to face whatever life is throwing your way.

Get started with virtual personal training today and kick your goals into high gear while staying safe at home.

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$34 Live, Virtual Personal Training

Pay as you go, or purchase a batch of sessions and enjoy a sweet discount.


Let’s Do This!

Accountability and motivation

No equipment needed

Fun trainers with experience and knowledge

Total body workouts from home

Safe and convenient



Front Door Fitness' Virtual Personal Training Testimonials


Christine Robinson

"Throughout the quarantine, virtual training has been working great. It’s set up to where I can see my trainer and he can see me to make sure my form is good. I can see him demonstrate exercises that he wants me to do. It’s safe and convenient!"

Jackie Miller

“Virtual training is a great way to keep me accountable for continuing my workouts on my regular schedule. Emily makes me want to do what I don’t want to do by myself when no one else is there. It is a great alternative to the gym.”

Dave Ackerman

"Switched from in-person training at the gym to virtual training about a month ago. John from Front Door continues to assemble varied total body workouts for me using the equipment and space available at home. Amazing how effective the virtual sessions are-no need to commute to the gym to get an excellent workout. Thanks John and Front Door team for keeping me on track with my fitness goals!"

Dr. William Mangum

"Emily manages to mix up my exercises and makes it challenging, despite my limited equipment. I know I wouldn’t work this hard on my own. Virtual training is stopping me from falling behind in my fitness. As an active older adult, I spend a lot of time on the golf course and like to train to stay strong and flexible."