A Healthy You Starts with Loving Yourself

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we remember to pause and express our love and gratitude to others. But do we remember to also show love to ourselves?

Loving others starts with loving yourself.

Self-care starts from a very simple place. It is about incredibly simple acts. These basic acts of self-care often go unaddressed because they are easier said than done. Some days they are even tough to remember. So here is a checklist of 12 things to help us, even on stressful days. It’s important that we meet our baseline needs. We are worth it. When we take time to love ourselves, we can truly love others.

Your self-care checklist.

✅ Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
✅ Drink 8 to 12 cups of water.
✅ Eat 3 meals, as well as some snacks.
✅ Tend to your hygiene.
✅ Take vitamins and any prescribed medications.
✅ Make time to move around for at least 30 minutes. (Working with a personal trainer always helps!)
✅ Go outside and get a little vitamin D.
✅ Laugh out loud.
✅ Take a mindful break from my phone and another electronics.
✅ Ask for help if needed.
✅ Spend positive time with other people.
✅ Listen to a song that makes you feel good.

Remember, it’s all about the small things when taking care of ourselves. It’s necessary to lay the groundwork, and while the simple stuff can sometimes be the easiest to overlook, following the checklist will make it super easy.