Fun Full Body Workout in KC

Stability balls, commonly called “exercise balls,” are very large, anti-burst balls filled with air. They are fairly inexpensive, versatile, and should be considered for anyone looking to add a little challenge to their exercise program. The ball brings new variations to strength exercises.

Upper Body Exercises

For the upper body, we can simply place the ball on the wall and perform push-ups for a challenge. Of course, this could be taken onto the ground for more intensity. The ball can be used to help stabilize the body while doing various arm exercises, strengthening the core, and working our balance.

Lower Body Exercises

We can place the ball on the wall and put our back on the ball to perform squats. This may actually feel more comfortable on the knee joints. Sit on the ball and lift your legs in various ways to strengthen muscles, work your core, and improving your balance.

Core Strengthening

For the core, we can lie on top of the ball and get greater range of motion doing crunches. Stabilizer muscles will also be used due to the instability of the ball. This means more muscles working during the exercise. Turn over and work your back stabilizers by lifting opposite arm and leg, with the ball underneath our torso.

Incorporating a stability ball is fun by nature. Simply bouncing the ball, tossing the ball to others, rolling around on the ground with the ball, and having fun becomes priority while also getting in some great exercise. The ball can make some exercises more challenging while also bringing a smile to our face.

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