Five Basic Strength Training Moves

Written by Emily Morris

I love lifting weights in the gym setting, but I know not everyone feels this way. However, we all have the same muscular-skeletal structure inside of us which requires some strength training. Not everyone needs to look like The Hulk, but we must maintain a good bone mass density, improve balance, and be able to do our daily activities.

Sit to Stand/Squats

If we want to be mobile, we need to be able to transport our body from a sitting to a standing position. Try to eliminate arm assistance every time you sit down and stand up. When ready, increase resistance by adding extra weight.

Push Ups

Every body type, physical fitness level, and age can do push-ups. We may begin by sitting and simply placing our hands on our thighs and hinging, using our arms to lower the torso. We progress to the wall and begin to become more horizontal until we are doing push-ups on the ground.

Bent Over Row

It turns out, there’s something to be said for good posture. When the joints are stacked, the body is stable. When our body is an ideal posture, our muscles are in their proper alignment. Having good posture certainly includes having a strong backside. Bending over to do the 2-arm row increases our balance, challenging us by bringing the head parallel to the heart. To further increase challenge, try standing tandem or on 1-leg.

Heel Raises

Our calf muscle is a very powerful pump which propels us forward with every step we take. Not only is having a strong calf muscle beneficial, heel raises also keep our ankle and feet range of motion.

Abdominal Work

From crunches to a plank, doing abdominal work and having a strong core cannot be overlooked. This is the center of our body and protects our vital organs. Our limbs extend outward from the center and having a stronger middle only radiates outward.

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