Can Traveling Increase Your Health?

It’s no secret that travel has many benefits to our well-being. It turns out that jetting off to relax on the beach in Mexico or Aruba isn’t just an indulgence. Research says that vacationing is actually good for your health!

Reduce Stress

When you return from a vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed, you’re experiencing some of the nourishing effects of travel. There are several changes that occur when you take a break from your weekly work routine with one of the obvious benefits being stress reduction. Like hitting the reset button on your mind and body, traveling can take you out of your daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences.

Regulate Anxiety

There are many mental health benefits that travel can provide. When you’re feeling less stressed, and more carefree throughout your adventurous day, the brain releases serotonin. This regulates anxiety and improves your mood. Taking these breaks can help to increase creativity. Even planning details for a trip affects your body, boosts more happiness and productivity.

Increase Your Physical Health

People who travel frequently are more satisfied with their physical health and overall well-being. Generally, you’re more active during these days than sitting in an office chair at work. When you’re exploring an afternoon, you’re likely moving around and burning even more calories than the average day. Traveling can be an opportunity to escalate your fitness routines. Consider a hike in the mountains on your next vacation. Think of the steps you’d fit in that day!

What better time than now, as we wait on spring’s warm weather, to start planning your next adventure! Take time to create bucket lists and collections of your travel ideas.

Bon Voyage!