Bring Movement to Your Daily Routine

Many people have adapted to working from home. In our humble abode, where we find comfort, it is normal to pick up a sedentary lifestyle. Most of us work, go to school, eat, sleep, and entertain at home now due to the pandemic. All these activities ask us to sit and obtain habitual mannerisms of bad posture. What if every scenario that asks you to sit or lay down could be a standing or a moving opportunity for your body and mind? Here’s why moving and good posture is fundamental for your optimal health. And here’s how you can effectively encourage your lifestyle routine to be more dynamic.

Your new routine is taking its toll.

With COVID-19 throwing our traditional routine out of order, we find that our schedules are different or maybe the same, but just at home now. You are likely to wake up 30 minutes before you log on to work or school programs, feeling fatigued and rushed. While preparing breakfast, if any, you are most likely staring at a screen or sitting. Then you spend 8 hours of your day sitting with “bad posture”. Now that the work day is over you find yourself binging on shows, reading a book, sitting and slouching, leaving your neck, spine, and connective tissue degenerating, and exerting twice as much energy to keep you upright or balanced throughout your day.

Bad habits can lead to injury.

Leading this dysfunctional adaptation to a susceptibility of injury, scoliosis, tension headaches, chronic back pain, and even your emotional disposition. Your lungs become hindered and compressed leaving you with short breaths and less patience. We have 33 vertebras in our spine and it’s very imperative to make sure each vertebra is being taken care of.

Begin with good sitting posture.

While in a chair, your neck should be vertical, upright, not curved or tilted facing down. Raise your screens or books to accommodate your needs. Shoulders should be relaxed, chest open, and arms down by the torso. Have your knees at a 90-degree angle with your feet planted on the ground. When sitting at a desk, support your wrists and elbows, lessening the gravity impact on your spine. Sit here for a moment and take three deep breaths, filling your stomach and chest and slowly exhaling allowing your shoulders to sink in to their sockets. Notice the quality of your breath. Notice the sudden positive disposition. Now that we are ready! Let’s get moving!

Add movement to your morning routine.

Here are some suggestive fun tips to add more movement into your day to day lifestyle. First starting with the morning, set the alarm to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. While in bed focus on deep breaths and something positive on your exhale. Think about your day and slowly start to bring your knees in towards your chest. Extend your legs up towards the ceiling and pause for a moment. Take three breaths. Start to flex your stomach muscles and slowly begin to kick your legs as if you we’re walking upside down. When finished, bend the knees and lower the legs, roll onto your side and stand up right. Take a deep breath and notice where your feet are, followed by your knees, and shoulders. Then start to do 20 jumping jacks allowing the circulatory system to wake up and get motivated for the day. While making breakfast, let’s say eggs, do some squats while you wait for the yolk to cook or while you are finishing up breakfast doing the dishes!

Use a timer to break up your day.

Now you’re sitting, ready for work or school. Set timers, I suggest 5 to start, and have them dispersed throughout your day. If timers are not appealing, notice anytime your mind wonders… use this opportunity to do 10 push ups or 10 crunches. Sitting back in the chair, find the right posture once again and take a moment to stretch your neck, chest, and legs. Breath in, breath out, and go back to your work more focused and stronger. The work day is slowly coming to an end, leave your desk, leave your front door, and if weather permits, go on a 15- 30 minute walk or jog!

Finish strong.

Turn on one of your favorite songs while preparing dinner and whip out some dance moves! No dance move is wrong, especially in your own house. After dinner, while doing the dishes do some squats and when it comes time to unwind, do some simple stretches. An example would be a forward fold and take a moment to reevaluate your day. How did you feel moving? Before going to bed try a few simple inversions such as, legs up against wall to help reverse gravities effects on the body.

No time like the present to incorporate more movement into your lifestyle. Not only is it imperative for our physical health, but our mental state as well. Movement doesn’t have to be two hours of vigorous training, it can be fun and throughout the day to help you find a more positive disposition. We have so much time for ourselves, let’s be proactive and take those opportunities to move and bring life back into our daily routine!

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