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Date: 2013.12.02 | Category: FDF Message, Nutrition, Training | Response: 0

Alright everyone, another one of the nation’s biggest days of eating is officially over.  How’d you do?  On top of enjoying time with your loved ones, were you one of the many who pigged out on delicious family recipes?  It’s ok if you were, I know I did :-)  In fact, according to some stats from, “On average, each American consumed a yearly amount of 13.3 pounds of turkey in 2009.  This is spread out over the entire year, so not all 13.3 pounds was eaten at Thanksgiving.  However, a sizable portion would be.”  Whether or not that number went up or not in recent years has yet to be revealed, but I’d imagine it’s about the same.

The beauty of all of this is that Thanksgiving was last week!  You have today, and everyday ahead of you, to renew your vows to fitness and get back on the horse.

Woman Riding Horse

Ride on!

You have to treat getting back into your workout routine just like you’d treat any interaction with that horse:

  • Saddle up: Prepare for your return to your workouts in the same way that you’d prepare for anything else.  Make sure that you have the equipment you need and that you’re getting back into the mindset of designating time to your workout goals.
  • Mount up: There are no shortcuts – the only way to get where you’re trying to go is to mount up first.  That said, go ahead and start working out already!  If thoughts created results, I wouldn’t even be writing this post right now :-D
  • Ride, but don’t exhaust, the horse: Once you mount – keep up “the ride” at a pace that’s good for you.  Don’t overdue it because you’re trying to comeback strong.  “If you exhaust the horse” – you won’t get much of anywhere.
  • Feed & care for your animal: Lastly just make sure you’re maintaining things that you need to take care of.  Mimic the same way you’d feed and care for your animal i how you treat your workout necessities (nutrition & such).

Turkey time has ended (not considering leftovers here people) – let’s all worry about the horse now.  If you’d like anymore tips with regards to getting back on it, contact us using the form in the upper-right portion of this web page.  We’re great guides for any trail you seek to travel.

Have a nice day, enjoy “the ride” – and live fit!

Date: 2011.12.02 | Category: FDF Message, Training | Response: 0

This week has had a special focus on workout motivation: we talked about getting back into the groove of things and making yourself comfortable for morning workouts (if you’re uncomfortable – you won’t be motivated to do anything).  So I thought it would be good to wrap the week with a video, on the subject of workout motivation, from the good people of…

If you need a partner for your workouts, or any other motivational know-how, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form in the upper-right portion of this site.

You all have a good weekend – stay motivated – and we’ll see you back here next week!

Date: 2011.11.21 | Category: Nutrition | Response: 0

Woman Dancing

CLICK THE PICTURE to check out the tips...

As we get ready to move into another holiday full of eating, and take on the stressful shopping responsibilities associated with Christmas – it’s good to have a little info that allows you to shed some pounds in your daily routine.  Yahoo! featured a great story this morning full of tips that I thought was worth sharing with everyone.

CLICK THE PICTURE to check out 13 great tips they provide to help you lose unwanted weight.

The next post will be a little bit more Thanksgiving focused – so be sure to come back and check that one out on Wednesday.

Enjoy this time with your family, and if you need to know anything in detail about some of the tips that Yahoo! offered up in their article – don’t hesitate to contact us using the form in the upper-right corner of this page.

Happy Monday Everyone!